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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  September 5, 2012 2:05am-4:00am EDT

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winter. >> oh, yes, that was fantastic. >> have two top 10 storms in the same winter is like once in 150 years. it isn't going to happen again. even if we have a great winter. by great, i mean snowy. i don't think we're going to come close in 2009, 2010. we have had to quiet ones. may back to be on the -- pay back could be on the horizon. right now we have temperatures in the 80s. this is a michael and son weather cam. the high is 89. dew point is in the 70s. it's very, very humid out. we show you a heat index at 11:00. that's not a pleasant thing. we'll zoom in and show you showers and storms up and down the eastern seaboard. thankfully the heaviest activity is north of us, but there's still a lot of remnants of isaac. he's kind of hard to put back together. he's hump tee dump tee. -- humpty dumpty. right now the showers are out west in the mountains. notice the yellow and red disappear. they move north and east.
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a little closer to home, a few showers around i81 and a couple of sprinkles south of town south of 66 and west of 95. we'll zoom in a little bit. this here is a coastal flood advisory downtown. the winds are picking up out of the south. and we also have a flood watch up to the north of us for our friends up in pennsylvania around chambersburg and adams county in that area. another muggy start. perhaps a late more thanking shower. but i -- morning shower. but i think the morning commute will be high. better chance for showers on your way home. and then we're going to add hot to mumd on thursday and friday. -- humid on thursday and friday. overnight shower or thunderstorm possible. lows 70-75. the next three days, we're going to keep it code yellow with the heat and chance for storms. 89 tomorrow. could be a storm. and then 91 on thursday. 91 on friday with afternoon storms. some of which could be hefty in terms of rainfall. next seven days, it stays unsettled. we have showers and storms at
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least in the afternoon on saturday and then a lot of storms and showers sunday and monday. temps go down. that's good. and then we're back in the upper 70s. but still the risk of a shower on tuesday. but, again, hope springs eternal for a goodwin ter. >> you could clear that -- good winter. >> you could clear that up a little bit. >> it's a little messy. >> forget about the winter. let's worry about the next seven days. [ laughing ] >> baseball. >> baseball. >> it's been good to me. >> it's been very, very good. it's been a good night, period. >> number down to 21. >> yes. not just for the nats but for the orioles as well. for the first time in a long time, two area teams are playing meaningful september baseball. the nationals and the orioles are in the thick of a pennant race, and both delivered a thumping night. we've got nats and orioles for you
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and now 9 sports with kristen berset.
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>> before today's game against chicago, skipper davie johnson said he felt the natt's recent five day skid had helped reenergize his ball club. i think he was right. the nats have now won six of their last seven games. averaging eight runs a game. tonight was more of the same against the cubbies and it didn't take long to get the crowd fired up. desmond, flores, lerose and monroe nats are up 8-1. it was also another solid outing by jackson. jackson fanned 8 batters, picking up his 9th win. with six homeruns total, they win big. 11-5 the final over chicago. >> having the whole lineup together it seems like it took five months to get the whole crew in there. but the last week we were scoring a ton of runs and pitchers continue to do their thing.
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>> and before today's game, the nats reinstated pitcher wang from the disabled list. he had been dealing with a right hip strain. and how about this news? the baltimore orioles tied for first place in the al east in september. those words haven't been uttered since 1997. that's the last time the birds won the division and advanced to the playoffs. tonight there's no doubt this team came to play. mark reynolds got the ball rolling in a 5th. a 3-run shot to the left. the orioles just piled it on after that. baltimore wins 12-0 tonight over toronto. great night for baseball. all right. up in new york, tennis players have been dodging raindrops all day long. the court was just too wet to
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continue. right now roddick and del portro are tied. roddick will finish his last tournament tomorrow. the offensive tackle on the team was able to agree on a deal. the ravens were on the verge of releasing mckinney before he agreed to a restructured deal. harbaugh said today he didn't feel the dispute would be a distraction. >> really no concern about that. i don't think it will be an issue at all. guys are pros and guys understand the business aspects of all of this stuff and he's a hard worker and a pro. he's a raven. i'm really happy about that. >> and in case you're worried about the million dollars, he can earn is back with some incentives. >> how good of shape can he be in? >> we'll see monday night. >> skins action mon
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well, that is our broadcast for tonight.
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we want to thank you for sticking around because it's
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